Saturday, April 14, 2007

Barack Obama

Today, I saw Barack Obama speak in Atlanta. He was inspiring, not that he really said anything new, but because he appears to be a man of integrity. He is clearly not as polished as Hillary Clinton and others, but I would rather have integrity over all else. I don't think I am alone, as I think many of his supporters are craving integrity.

While I was chasing around my 2 year old at the rally, I was excited to hear two important references regarding gay people that showed Obama's courage (you know they usually ignore the gay topic unless they absolutely have to say something). He first criticized many in Washington for blaming gay people for many of the problems our country is facing. He got applause!

In his second reference, he said something to the effect if you are gay, straight, etc... that we should all come together as part of his vision (sorry for the lack of specifics, but my daughter was a distraction). Applause again from a predominantly African American crowd. The fact that he clearly and purposely included gay people in his vision for America is something we should all take notice of when we are looking for courageous leaders to defend our families. Let's see if any of the other front runners follow his lead and start giving a damn about us as human beings.

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