Friday, July 27, 2007

Bumbling toward equality?

If you had a chance to see the You Tube Democratic Presidential debate, then you witnessed a pathetic, bumbling response from the majority of candidates on the issue of marriage equality.

Dennis Kucninich seems to be the only candidate who clearly understands the issue of marriage equality, and is also clearly articulating full support for marriage and other LGBT rights. But, the Queer community doesn't seem to back him at all, and overall, he seems to get the more attention over his new wife than anything else.

So why is much of the LGBT community behind candidates who sound like bumbling idiots when it comes to our equality? Hillary, Obama, and friends won't take a stand for us, yet we are once again driving their campaigns.

Why would a candidate take a courageous stand for us when we continue to just give away our votes?

We will only get justice when we demand it. Otherwise, prepare for more bumbling...

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