Monday, November 03, 2008

The eve of a historic election

It is the eve of one of the most historic elections of my life. There is so much at stake, and I am both nervous and optimistic about our future. I, like many other Americans, have been anticipating tomorrow for so long. Will our families face a win tomorrow in the many elections in our state and across the country? I hope so.

We must keep our eyes on what happens in California with the efforts to overturn the right for same-sex couples to marry. It is critical to the civil rights of all our families that the marriage amendment, Proposition 8, lose tomorrow. It would be devastating and wrong to grant gay people the right to marry and then take it away again. Let's pray the people of California vote for equality for all families.

Keep an eye on Florida also. Thanks to the great work of Equality Florida, they have a good shot at defeating the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment.

So pray, cross your fingers, or do whatever moves you so we have a good outcome tomorrow. And please, DON"T FORGET TO VOTE!

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