Saturday, March 15, 2008

From a Smart Fifth-Grader....

The other day, on the ride home from work/school, my ten-year old daughter randomly asked, "Mama, what do you think God thinks about the world today?" Wondering what she was about to say, I responded, "Hmm, I don't know. What ideas do you have?"

Morghan said, "Well, people litter and leave their trash everywhere. People kill each other, there's wars, etc."

"Wow, those are some problems right now," I acknowledged.

"And just think what he must have been thinking back when we had slavery! He must have really been disappointed," she wondered.

I validated her sentiments once again. As we drove on, I had a few ideas and I felt quite good about the thoughts running through my mind.

First of all, I was proud that homosexuality was NOT on her list of problems God would be upset about. Most of all, though, I was proud that the things she does feel are a problem are obvious injustices, which cause harm to others (i.e., pollution, violence, exploitation, etc.). As parents, I know we want to protect our kids from the ills of the world, but since they nevertheless exist, I'm glad my daughter recognizes them and knows these are the real problems (well, in my opinion, at least).

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