Thursday, October 30, 2008

One hour and fifteen minutes...

After one hour and fifteen minutes, I finally made it inside the building to what appears to be another very long line. Most people are just happy to make it inside to get out of the cold.

They started allowing people with very small babies to come inside. They won't let them vote, but are allowing them to wait inside. Obviously the election officials don't realize how hard it is to vote with a child in tow. It was the citizens in line who asked to bring the babies inside.

People seem to be in fairly good spirits even with the long wait. There is much talk about being excited to vote and a belief that this is our civic duty.

This election is good for the nation. High turnout feels good and right.

We are voting here in the fire department's headquarters. You have to wonder if this double line in the halls meets the fire code.

The AJC said it was a 90 minute wait here yesterday. The people here say it was really two hours. It looks like we are definitely looking at two hours or more here. And the Secretary of State doesn't want to do better. I wonder when she is up for re-election?

I had the pleasure to hear the Ohio Secretary of State speak this past summer. She was truly an inspiration as to someone who wanted to make sure all the people of her state could vote this election. The last presidential election many in her state did not get to vote and she knew that was wrong.

We need someone in Georgia who has a passion for making sure every person gets a chance to vote and that we have a paper trail to verify the votes.

I still have a long way in front of me as I can't see any room that we might be voting in. Only a sea of people ahead.

Kathy Kelly
Executive Director
MEGA Family Project

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