Thursday, October 30, 2008

Secretary of State Suppressing the Vote?

It is Thursday morning and I am standing in a very long line to vote in Tucker, GA. It is freezing out here, so you have to admire the many people in line willing to wait what looks to be a couple of hours to vote. This is democracy at its best.

One has to wonder why on earth the Republican Secretary of State is not doing more to help people vote in a more expeditious manner.

In Florida, the Republican governor extended voting hours 4 hours each day. Can you imagine the people who will get to vote there who would not otherwise because they have jobs that don't allow them to stand in line for hours?

We are America, damn it. We have the technology and resources to make it easy for every person to vote.

I call on the Georgia Secretary of State and Governor Perdue to extend advanced voting hours and to put more voting machines in each location.

This is absurd that people are unable to vote in a country as great as America. This process seems closer to what I would expect in a less developed nation.

I sure hope politics aren't playing into these ridiculous decisions about voting in Georgia.

We deserve better, so we must demand better. Please join me in calling the Secretary of State's and Governor's offices to demand they do better.

Kathy Kelly
Executive Director
MEGA Family Project

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