Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy Pride!

Yes, it is still weird to have Pride in October. This is our second year celebrating Atlanta Pride in October. At least this year it is a little earlier in the month, and we are likely to have gorgeous weather this weekend. I love not having it in the hot month of June, but last year it was raining and cold (a terrible combination for me).

I don't know if it is because I am a mother, but I keep getting distracted by Halloween and other Fall Festivities and have to remind myself it is Pride weekend. I really need to remember because there is so much to do!

This is one of those weekends I give up the entire weekend to the cause--the MEGA Family Project. I probably won't see my daughter for more than an hour this weekend. My feet will hurt, I won't get to go to the bathroom enough, or have a decent meal, but I will get to meet so many amazing people that I would not otherwise know. I will hear amazing stories of LGBT families living in rural areas trying to make it work. Lots of people will share with me their dreams of adding children to their family through whatever means they dream up. So many families come to Pride with this being their only touch to the community for the entire year.

Though I am not looking forward to being on my feet the entire weekend (thankfully we aren't doing the Friday night Pride anymore), I am very excited to meet so many wonderful people in our community.

Happy Pride everyone. Come by and see us at the MEGA Booth in Section B-21.

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